Commercial Photography explained

A simple definition of commercial photography, is a photo or an image taken for the purpose of promoting a product or a business.

I have a wide range of customers whom I take pictures for, from electronics, to sports kit, to fashion and home products and even sculptures. All for websites and promotional materials.

It’s nice to be able to follow a full process, using my design skills, to take a project through from no photos and no designs, a pile of products, to take that through to receiving the print materials from the printers.

The photos I take fit into four main categories:

  • Product – This is as simple as it sounds, it’s product shots generally on white backgrounds. If need be, i can create transparent PNG files from these retaining true genuine shadowing.
  • Lifestyle – Images of products in the surrounding that they are designed for. Quite often this means setting up a scene with ultimate precision, then spending an inordinate amount of time swapping products in and out of the scene.
  • Location – These are images of a company’s premises generally.
  • Events – Photography of exhibitions and shows.

Commercial Photography Portfolio