making things look pretty since ’76…

I’m Andrew, and Eat, Sleep, Design is my creative alter ego, or simply my business moniker. The name instantly came back to haunt me on the very first project under this name, there wasn’t a lot of sleeping going on, and not enough eating either come to think of it. I’m based in the Harrogate area of North Yorkshire, in the UK. My clients are mainly based locally but I do have a few further afield within the UK and abroad.

I keep very active and ride my mountain bikes as often as I can, living in such a beautiful part of the country who wouldn’t? Music makes me happy. I’ve never been able to actually play anything, it turns out my fingers don’t bend the right way for a guitar, but my encyclopaedic knowledge of just about every genre of music is fairly unrivalled. Inspirational music makes my designs flow smoothly through the mouse and into the computer to the benefit of my clients…

Key Skills


  • Branding Design

  • Print Design

  • Web Layout Design


  • Commercial Photography

  • Wedding Photography

  • Portrait Photography

  • Sports Photography

  • Music Photography