…and some other things too

For example, I like riding bikes, drinking fancy tea, and I like music, a lot, but I can’t play a note.

What really makes me tick is creativity. Design & Photography. I studied at one of the top colleges in the UK, Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication. I’ve worked in Graphic Design, designing transport advertising, websites, branding, print and all of the disciplines that encompasses, prior to setting out on my own as Eat, Sleep, Design.

I’m a stickler for detail, I always have been, as a child my lego models where always meticulously correct, I’d always be taking things apart and putting them back together correctly, it’s the best way to learn, it’s hardly surprising that I’d be pretty much self taught in everything I do. Nowadays I don’t play as much lego as I used to, but I funnel that fanatical precision and passion for creativity into beautiful design for my clients.

My core ethos is concentrating on communication, understanding how effective visuals, be that design or photography, are interpreted by the viewer. The knowledge of this allows my to communicate the message required by the customer to the end user, so quickly that they barely notice.

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